Social Value


QAD Architects believes investing in the community in which we operate and deliver projects in, is an integral part of what we do. It is fully embedded into our values of Creating, Communicating, Construction and exceeding Client expectations.


We believe that the term social value refers to the approach and initiatives that benefit the local community through the delivery of our services.

Our approach incorporates:

Designing buildings which are sustainable and exceed current building regulation requirements and where possible are accredited to BREEAM or alike.

Specifying environmentally friendly products, and where possible, from within the locality of the project to help reduce the distance between product manufacture and site and promote local spending within the economic region.

Working with other consultants within the locality to a project location where possible.

Specifying products that have minimum site wastage and are made from over 80% recycled materials.

Creating job opportunities for year out students (Part I Architectural Assistants) at QAD based on project deliverables and timescales.

Creating job opportunities for Part II Architectural Assistants at QAD based on project deliverables and timescales.

Working with Ahead Partnerships in schools across Leeds.

Working with contractors in delivering Employment & Skills Plans.

Sponsoring a children’s football team.

Creating work experience placements for students under 18.

Assisting Sixth Form Students with University Interview Workshops.

Being an active member of West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce.

Being an active Corporate member of and supporting Leeds Civic Trust.


We set the following benchmarks in relation to the delivery of our services:

Create one job opportunity per year for a Part I student

Offer two work experience placements for a student under 18 per year

Attend a minimum of three North & West Chamber of Commerce events, engaging with other SME’s per year.

Offer a minimum of 20 hrs per year of time volunteering with Ahead Partnerships in schools across Leeds.

Continually improve project scores

We report on the social and environmental performance of projects at project completion during the end of project review . The scores from the areas of project performance are combined to give the project an overall score. All scores are reported at Management Review Meetings, and where requested, fed back to the Client.  The aim is to continually improve project scores with each project we undertake with the same client.

All volunteering schemes are reported at the Monthly Management meetings, creating the opportunity for all staff to participate in a volunteering scheme with hours for volunteering being recorded in ActiTime on timesheets. The aim is that at least one Director is involved with a volunteering scheme at any given time.