QAD have been fortunate enough to have worked across a broad spectrum of education over the years. Whilst the areas of primary, secondary and higher education each have their own exacting requirements and standards there are common threads that do run through them all in terms of our approach.

All have a requirement for the provision of inclusive learning environments within which students have equal opportunity to access a curriculum appropriate to their needs. We endeavour to deliver this within an envelope of a safe but stimulating environment geared towards the needs of the students, whilst still offering a flexible approach in order to respond to the inevitable changing educational environment. This is all focused upon nurturing through the built environment an assumed enthusiasm for earning.

It is our belief that the school of today is a place where children and teachers live, work and play for a substantial part of their lives. Its purpose is to enable children to grow and learn, in the fullest sense of those words, in a learning environment both indoor and outdoor that is satisfying, stimulating and adaptable to changing needs.

Through this approach QAD Architects are on the Calderdale Council Framework.