Leeming Lane, Mansfield

  • Client: Strawsons Property/ Lidl
  • Sector: Commercial
  • Project Type: New build
  • Project Start:  March 2018
  • Project Completion: July 2020
  • Project Value: £2.3m

Strawsons Property have commissioned QAD to prepare proposals for a new build food retail store for Lidl, at Leeming lane, Mansfield.

Lidl has simple distinctive operating procedures throughout all aspects of its business. From the construction of stores to the selling of goods it is essential that efficiency and productivity targets are met to ensure the viability of the business.

These distinctive operating procedures have a significant impact on the type of premises that can be utilised by Lidl. It is essential that every new store conforms closely to Lidl’s required store design and layout. This is to ensure Lidl’s efficient operating procedures can be implemented and that the store can function productively.

The development site is located on Leeming Lane to the north west Farmway and Old Mill Lane industrial estate to the south east and is approximately 1.5 Km to the north east of Mansfield town centre.