Quality & Environmental Management

Quality & Environmental Policy 

QAD Architects Ltd. (QAD) offers Architectural, Interior Design, 3D Visualisation, and Design Management Services.

QAD is committed to the pursuit of sustainable development both through our design philosophy and working processes. The policy establishes the basis of our commitment.

QAD is committed to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of the architectural service it provides for its clients and is committed to the protection of the environment by the prevention of pollution and the minimisation of waste. This is both through the process and execution of design and the resultant conservation of energy and power.

To achieve the above QAD recognises that a Quality & Environmental Management System (QEMS) is needed to ensure sound discipline for the process, increased confidence in effective working and reliability of service. It is therefore in the interest of both Client and Consultant, and QAD commits to fulfill all applicable requirements of both ISO 9001 and 14001.

The architectural service offered by the practice involves a combination of design and management and is carried through by creative professional people.  At the same time it is recognised that even the most imaginative design concepts are of little use if they fail to meet the client’s requirements.  Thus, the QEMS will be applied sensitively and appropriately to suit the particular needs of projects.  A Project Quality Plan will be put in place for each and every project carried out by QAD beyond the feasibility stage, which will take into consideration the scale, complexity, budget and time constraints when these are identified.  Through this policy the company is committed to ensure that the system is audited regularly and any non-compliance or ineffectiveness immediately corrected.

The responsibility for ensuring that the QAD QEMS is implemented rests with the QA Manager, who reports to the other directors as to the adequacy of the Company’s QEMS and makes recommendations for any policy changes.

The quality and environmental objectives are contained within our Business Plan and within the QEMS and communicated to all Interested Parties, namely:

  • Clients
  • Staff
  • Shareholders
  • Creditors

These objectives are subject to continual review by the directors during formal Management Review Meetings and in attaining these we seek to at least meet legal requirements, including pollution prevention standards, but if possible to exceed these to ensure that all provided services are at all times assured for conformity to Client, and where applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.

The Control and Monitoring of Measuring Equipment has been specifically excluded from the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Standard due to the nature of the business.

There is no requirement in any process of the business for the need of accurate measuring equipment, any measurements carried out are purely as a guide with accurate measurements being asked of by others.

The Practice is committed to the principle of external certification by an accredited authority, and seeks to ensure the continuation of service and business improvement in line with the requirements of BS: EN ISO 9001: 2015 and 14001:2015.